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       Timber Window Repair, Refurbishment & Restoration

As the eyes of a house and a key architectural feature, it’s no wonder period property and home owners are keen to maintain and repair their original timber windows.  After all, timber windows are a key part of the charm and character of the building. Original windows are a great asset to any older home and as they are typically far superior to modern alternatives so when they start to deteriorate it is always better to look into timber window repair and restoration processes rather than replace the whole window. This way you can both save money and preserve the authentic building features.

The Charming Restorer values these original and authentic features and so specialises in high quality timber window repairs, renovations, refurbishments and restorations to keep them firmly a part of our history and to be enjoyed for years to come. With his help and craftsmanship, you can restore your windows to not only their beautiful but efficient former glory, and be warmer in your home too.

The Charming Restorer provides the following services for all timber-framed windows (e.g. sash windows and casement windows):

  • Timber window repairs

  • Timber window replacements

  • Timber window refurbishments

  • Timber window restoration e.g. sash window restoration, casement window restoration

  • Wooden window frame repairs

Original, authentic period property timber windows were originally produced using natural means which is why so many of them are still around today. As a historical and period builder restorer and conservationist, The Charming Restorer endeavours to use similar materials such as reclaimed timber, as well as original processes some of which are by-hand, so that you get a truly unique, authentic and high quality end product and service.

He has worked on many large and small projects restoring anything from window sills, frames, glass and even replaces original hand-blown glass whenever possible. He will do the majority of the work on site and do whatever window renovation is needed also from his workshop in Rockwell End just outside Henley on Thames.

When working on any timber window repair, refurbishment & restoration projects, The Charming Restorer keeps any disruption to your home to an absolute minimum. For example, for sill repairs, once he’s taken the measurements, he makes the new window sills in his workshop using hardwoods such oak and sapele and only then will he return to remove the old and install the new sill.

Similarly, with window repairs, once he’s taken the measurements, The Charming Restorer will remove the old window and board and seal up the void making it secure and draft free. He will then take the window to his workshop to use his specialist tools and processes, restore it and return to fit it within 3 days.

So, if your wooden or timber windows are looking a bit tired or deteriorated, give The Charming Restorer a call and let him restore them to their former grandeur for you.

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