Exclusive. Bespoke. By-hand

The Charming Restorer offers four main services:

  • Buildings Restoration & Conservation

  • Timber Window Repair, Refurbishment & Restoration

  • Bespoke joinery designs for all interior and exterior joinery projects

  • Antiques and Furniture Restoration & Conversation.

He works on site or based from his workshop in Rockwell End, he can collect and deliver making life easy for you.  He also offers a regular furniture cleaning, care and maintenance service if you have a bigger collection or property to preserve your pieces for years to come.

Black and White Building

Original techniques and materials in all building and window projects conserve and preserve the integrity of the building ensuring it’s around for hundreds of years to come

Timber framed windows are a key part of the charm and character of a building. Repair, refurbish or restore for the future

Bespoke Joinery

Highly skilled craftsmanship in all joinery, carpentry and cabinet making projects and full design, manufacturing and installation services

Passionate about conserving furniture in its present state as well as restoring pieces back to their original beauty. Either way, craftmanship and skills give you something you can appreciate for years to come