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Building Restoration & Conservation

As a highly skilled and trained craftsman, The Charming Restorer takes pride in using original techniques and materials in all his building and window projects to conserve and preserve the integrity of the building to make sure it’s around for hundreds of years to come. He’s a historical building, period property and Listed Building restorer and conservationist who knows how to use and work with original materials.

He takes on varied projects, large and small; it could be replacing damaged or rotten oak beams, resolving damp problems, re-pointing and brick repairs or complete renovations inside and out.

Typical external period and Listed building repair, restoration and conservation services include:

  • Oak timber replacement and repairs

  • Brick panel repairs/building brick repairs

  • Lime washing, plastering and lime rendering

  • Pointing/repointing

  • Timber window repair, refurbishment & restoration

  • Timber repairs

  • Façade restoration

  • Structural repairs of buildings

  • Timber frame house repairs or oak frame restoration

He offers full and part project management, including any Listed Building Consent questions and issues, to give you a hassle-free, smooth and efficiently run project. He also works in partnership with a local full building surveyor and architects to provide you with a complete quality service.

Building Restoration & Conservation: Our Products
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