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Antiques and Furniture Restoration & Conservation

The Charming Restorer's original passion lay in conserving antiques & furniture in their present state as well as restoring pieces back to their original beauty. This is how the Charming Restorer started out in 2006. As we head into 2023, The Charming Restorer isn't currently offering an antique or furniture service. But if you have an antique or a piece of furniture, The Charming Restorer would recommend someone who will be able to restore and conserve it back to its former glory for you.

When he does take on antiques and furniture projects, his focus is always on using his craftmanship and skills to provide something others can appreciate for years to come. In the past, he has been able to help people with pieces or heirlooms that were a little bit tired, deteriorated or damaged and they longed for it to be back to its former glory to relive fond memories from the past. Other clients wanted to make the most of the old furniture they already had rather than replace it with new from a sustainability perspective. The Charming Restorer has been able to help with all of this and more.

Typical projects include antique and period:

  • Dining room tables and chairs

  • Chests

  • Coffee tables

  • Chests of drawers

  • Wardrobes

  • Sideboards

  • Writing tables and desks

  • Decorative boxes

  • Decorative arts

  • Frames and clocks.

The Charming Restorer uses original techniques which are aided by his vast stock of period materials; timbers and veneers that span over hundreds of years. This means he can be really creative and use his artistry when it comes to restoring both antique and modern furniture.

Techniques and services you can expect from The Charming Restorer include French Polishing, Marquetry, Boulle, veneer, carving, guilding, waxing, cleaning… he can turn his hand to anything to do with antique and furniture repairs and restoration, so as to restore your prized possession to a high standard.

Should you have a clock that needs repairing, he can preserve the clock case and he uses a local specialist Antiquarian Horologist to get your clock ticking again. He also offers a periodic cleaning, care and maintenance service available if you’ve got a larger piece or collection that needs more regular preservation.

Antiques and Furniture Restoration & Conservation: Our Products
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